To photograph the moon, you will need a camera with manual settings, a tripod, and a shutter release or self-timer equipped camera. Attach the camera to the tripod, select the M or manual mode, set your shutter speed to 1/125, an aperture of f/11 and select an ISO of 100, and make sure auto ISO is turned off.

Having a lens with a focal length of more than 200mm is a plus. The longer the focal length, the more the moon will fill the frame. Make sure to set the focus to manual and focus to infinity. Some lenses focus past infinity, so you may need to focus to the end of the focus throw and come back a little bit.

Many point and shoot cameras have extreme zooms and have scene mode setting for photographing the moon. Even if you are not successful this time, keep trying and hone your skills until you get the results you want.