Ambassador Program

Ambassador Program

Our new Ambassador Program is a partnership between local photography artists and Camera Corner Connecting Point. We bring you educators who are masters at their craft.

We’re excited to introduce our first ambassador, Shanna Koltz. Stay tuned for videos, classes and more with our ambassadors, and join us in welcoming Shanna to the team!

Statement from Shanna Koltz:
“I am a conceptual portrait photographer. I started “Studio Rouge” to manage and market my fine-art photography business. Most of my work is centered around portraiture and storytelling. Taking photos of the world around me is how I connect with my spiritual self. Even though I love nature photography, my primary interests lie in the emotional nature of human dynamics, both internal and interpersonal. I strive to find the beauty throughout the course of every­day life and interactions. I believe that imperfections are beautiful. Every wrinkle on the face and every scar on the body are earned and should be worn like a badge of honor because they are the ingredients to a deeper understanding of life. I draw concepts from my childhood, my dreams, my fears and society. I enjoy collaborating with other creatives. Through use of locations, props, sets, makeup, body paint, hair stylists, models, and fashion I (along with a team of others), we bring my concepts to life. There is always a story waiting to be told. I photograph clients for a living and create art for my soul.”

Shanna’s work has been featured in magazines, books, galleries, museums, and shown internationally. Her image titled “HOPE” was shown at the Louvre Museum in Paris on July 13th, 2015. She was also one of YOU Magazines 20 Women to Know and is listed as One of the Artists to watch in 2018. Shanna is part of the Green Bay Art Colony of Women and a member of the NEWAA North East Wisconsin Art Association.

Shanna’s website:

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