National Wildlife Day

National Wildlife Day

Shanna Koltz recently rented the new Tamron 150-600 G2 lens.

“I had a lot of fun using this lens. It attached nicely to my camera and felt secure. The glass was clear and the focus was fast. The image stabilization was great.

I attached the lens to a gimbal on my tripod which gave me the mobility needed to capture birds in flight. This lens is a must for wildlife, sports and capturing objects really far away. I was able to see the Farmer’s Market from the end of the De Pere dock. There is nothing else (that I know of) on the market with the range of this lens (600mm) besides its older version, the G1 model. I will try the G1 model so that I can do a comparison. Watch for my thoughts on that.

The only negative that I found with this lens was its weight. It is heavy. That being said, the weight would not stop me from using it. I would just be sure to use it with a tripod for any significant length of time.”

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