Ultrasone PROi Studio Headphones (780i)


Legendary sound with a professional look and patented S-Logic® PLUS technology for use in the studio, live and at home.

Headphones with Soul

With over 25 years of experience, Ultrasone have created a distinctive, natural sound. Their patented S-Logic® technology enables them to create an unprecedented wide sound stage.

‘Made in Bavaria’ Quality

Ultrasone use the highest quality materials such as noble woods and sheep leather, with the highest precision and passion. Experienced hands create exquisite pieces. The headphones are designed for a long service.

Sustainability is Paramount

Sustainability is an integral part of Ultrasone’s corporate philosophy. They believe a climate-friendly way of working is the right way for a successful and future-proof company. When selecting components, they consider environmental impacts achieving resource-saving production methods.

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