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Camera Corner has 8 main Pillars of our Retail Business

We're not the best because we're the oldest. We're the oldest because we're the best!

Helping our customers since 1953

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529 N Monroe

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From Our Customers

Just wanted to drop you a note and tell you how helpful Eric at Camera Corner was for me yesterday. I was having software issues with my home computer and needed help as to how I could fix the problem. Eric took the time to explain to me what my options were and that I could either try the fix myself or leave the computer with him and he will fix it for me. This was 15 minutes before closing time and he was not in any hurry to rush out the door. No upselling, just great support and advice from people you can trust. We had a laugh about buying a computer at a big box store and trying to have this same conversation with them for help and support. You have a great team, don’t ever change! Thank you. John B. - Helpful, great support.

Way more than cameras! This place has everything from professional audio equipment to televisions to electronics accessories. And bunches of other random stuff. And the staff are fantastic; they seem very capable and professional, and give well-informed recommendations and advice. Actually, I ordered a studio microphone online for pickup from Camera Corner, and the guy actually stayed late and kept the store open for me while I came and picked it up. I was blown away by the customer service. - Way more than cameras!

Good prices and great service. Computer services top notch. Camera staff knowledgeable and helpful. - Good prices and great service.

I would definitely shop here again. I had narrowed my digital camera selection down to two, and Steve helped me make my final selection. Could I have found the 850 dollar camera online for 800? Sure. But actually talking to someone who knew their stuff, and being able to bring it in if I needed help is worth 50 bucks. - Worth the price.

Awesome place here. As a first timer here today, the lady at the front desk immediately helped and directed us to the person who deals with cameras. I asked for quote on how much it'll be to fix my camera, Steve, told us how much it was and how long it'll be. After a bunch of Q&A, I was ready to do business with them. Thanks a bunch for your services. - Awesome Place