Memory Card Recovery

Have you accidentally deleted or formatted your photos, or are you unable to access your photos due to a corrupted file? We can help you with file recovery. 8GB or smaller cards are $29.99, 16GB cards are $39.99, 32GB are $49.99 and any cards larger than 64GB are $69.99. If we are unable to recover any images there is no charge for the recovery. The recovery will take at least 24 hours.

Recovery Pricing

  • Memory Card Processing
  • Memory Card to CD-Rom : $3.99
  • Additional CDs : $2.49 each

Camera Corner Connecting Point cannot guarantee data recovery in full or in part. You should be aware of this and understand what you are buying in our best effort.


Camera Sensor Cleaning

Are you noticing spots on your photographs in the same place? This is typically due to dust on the sensor, which we can clean on any DSLR and mirrorless cameras. APSC size sensors or smaller are $44.99 and full frame sensors are $54.99. The camera needs to be left at the store and can take up to 24 hours to complete. Not in the area? Not a problem! We allow customers to ship their cameras to us for this service. Prices above do not include shipping and handling ($29.99) if you decide to ship your camera to us.

Cameras need to be provided with a memory card and well-charged battery. Additionally, if the camera is not Nikon or Canon we will need a lens.