Intro to DSLR Photography

Saturday, February 12th | 8:30am – 11:00am
Our Intro to DSLR class is the perfect way to learn all about your camera, whether you’ve had it for years and always shot in auto mode, it’s been hiding in your closet collecting dust, or you just got it!
This class provides an introduction to the basics of DSLR photography. Get to know your DSLR’s manual capabilities with topics that include: resolution, ISO, apertures, shutter speeds, metering, and auto focus. All makes and models of DSLR are welcome.
*Note: This class is not intended for point and shoot cameras.
Cost: $49.99
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FREE Next Level Landscape Photography Webinar with Roger Rosales of NiSi Filters

Tuesday, July 20th | 12:00pm – 1:00pm

The world is opening back up and it is time to grab your camera gear and get outdoors. Whether it’s a quick drive to a nearby park or beach or an adventure to a far-off destination, taking pictures of the scenery is always some of the best photos you will take. The beautiful sunset or mountain range you witness will be a very nice picture but, by applying a few simple techniques and learning a few tricks the pros use, your landscape photos can be elevated from nice to breathtaking.

We will discuss general best practices to apply when out in the field, camera settings, simple compositional rules and thinking beyond the rule of thirds and exploring other compositional styles such as minimalism, the Golden Spiral and of course how using ND Filters can elevate your creativity and inspire you.

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FREE Online Tamron Seminar: Fireworks Photography

Wednesday, June 23rd | 11:30am – 12:30pm

Join Pro Photographer and Tamron Technical Representative, Jeff Allen, plus Local Sales Representative, Mike Pazandak, and for a fast and fun look at what you need to know for taking great photos of fireworks displays!

Jeff and Mike will show fireworks photographs and discuss basic and creative shooting techniques. Camera set-up will be covered and advice on choosing the correct settings with your lens aperture, camera shutter speeds and ISO will be provided.

Additionally, there will be some hints for a Plan B in case of a rainout. Composition techniques and a few other important camera settings will be covered, so you come home with great images from your outing.

Q & A session to follow.

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No classes scheduled at this time.

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